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Transformer Radiator Butterfly Valves

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We are amongst the leading names in the industry, engaged in Transformer Radiator Valves in India. Transformer Radiator (Butterfly) Valves are used as shut off valves for detachable radiators of Oil Cooled transformers.

Valves are provided with a Butterfly Flap, which can be directed to Open and Close the valve. The valve remains in Open position when the transformer is in “On-load” position. For Inspection and Adjustment of the radiator, the Butterfly flap is sealed and the Radiator is detached from the transformer.

Founded in 1979, Press-N-Forge has been a leading name in offering top-notch Transformer Radiator Valves in India. Located in Goregaon (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra, we offer the excellent quality Radiator (Butterfly) Valves to our clients at best rates in the industry.

Our Options:

  • Cold Temperature NBR Seals.
  • Brown VITON seals.
  • Flange O-rings.
  • Dirt / Shipping Case.
  • 4 or 5-inch header pipe prepared.
  • Header pipe wall thickness.
  • Hardware.
  • Forged steel body
  • Steel header pipe-100 mm to 1500 mm long
  • Cover with sealing O-ring
  • 3-inch size-DIN Flange-165 mm bolt circle
  • 4-inch size- Large flange-198 mm (7 ¾”) bolt circle
  • Our flap has an Angular Flat edge, as correlated to the general V shape which has unique line contact with the valve body. Flat edge ensures most Zero leakage.
  • Shell moulded, Shot destroyed and Fettled CI casting (IS-210, Grade 200) for Zero body Leakage and excellent finish.
  • Streamlined Flap design reduces Frictional Resistance to fluid flow.
  • Not Rubber lining, yet leak case.
  • Valves are able to lock in “OPEN” and “SHUT” position by the cap.