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Transformer Pressure Relief Valve

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We are offering Transformer Pressure Relief Valve in India to our customer. Transformer Pressure Relief Valve is used to control the pressures in the tank within the security purposes. When the pressure in the tank rises above the secure purpose, the excess pressure power the spring in the valve to decrease, thus breaking the tape between the ‘O’ ring and body, into which excess pressure is delivered. When the pressure decreases to the protected value, the spring gets back to its primary position, therefore, revealing the body with ‘O’ ring. It is a device of the brass body, polypropylene protecting cap, spring, o -ring, nitrile element part machine and brass nut. These Transformer Pressure Relief Valve are 100% tested for working pressure.

Supported by a wide industrial experience since 1979, we Industries have achieved the ability to offering Transformer Pressure Relief Valve in India. The wide collection of products offered by us comprises Transformer Pressure Relief Valve. Our product area is extremely demanded and praised in the industry for superior quality standards, high service life, dimensional efficiency, strong construction, anti-corrosive coating and huge security.

We have selected the valid experts of the industry in our group to carry out our business plans with ease. These experts maintain expertise in the individual domain and work with honesty for the improvement and growth of the business.


  • The Transformer Pressure Relief Valve (TPRV) is designed as a protection device to be worked on power transformers and related oil-filled electrical types of equipment. When the pressure in the tank increases beyond a predetermined safe limit.
  • Decreases the pressure in the tank by directly opening the port of about 140 mm Dia in case of all T6 models and availability port of about 75 mm Dia in case of all T3 models.
  • Along with above-mentioned use, T-3 and T-6 operates a switch which can be applied to open precautionary electrical usage.

Particular Features of Our 1? & 2? Pressure Relief Valves

  • Compact, Efficient and extremely reliable design.
  • The low tail allows an easy place for each part of the cover.
  • Breaking pressure flexible from .21 to .71 Kg/sq. cm.
  • Strong Forged Brass body and Cover with 1? and 2? BSP outer thread for Upright and Parallel mounting of the Tank.
  • Center Rod is Built out of Brass to Ensure a Safe and Steady Service and a High Life.
  • Safeguard Built into the Cap in line to direct any Oil Spills Down.
  • The Valve can be used as filling Cap too.

Particular Features of Our 3? & 6? Pressure Relief Valve

  • Model 304 Stainless Steel Deep-Drawn Diaphram with Spring Locator Convolutions.
  • Specifically designed backwards wound springs and Assemble systems provides uniform valve loading and Enhanced relief rates.
  • Different Spring retaining system on Diaphram and cover.
  • Each stainless-steel fasteners and hardware.
  • Electric Instantaneous Venting and Sealing.
  • Pressure Diecast is porosity available.
  • Aluminium flange and Cover are properly UV Proof Powder covered for greater climate strength.
  • IP 67 guarded Switch with 1NO and 1NC connection.
  • Quickly colored flag, mixed with the switch, gives a visual indication of valve control by raising a flag.