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Buchholz Relay

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Buchholz Relay is one of the most necessary protecting devices to guard equipment such as transformer, capacitors, on load tap changers etc. We are a leading Buchholz Relay Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Our products main features to detects unusual working of the components inside the devices and consequently reduces the extent of any damage to the equipment working part by disconnecting defective appliance before large-scale damage occurs to the apparatus or another related equipment.

Fulfilling specific and each requirement of clients from the electrical industry, our firm Press N Forge is recognized in the market for last more than three decades for giving the best Transformer Accessories and Industrial Buchholz Relay Products. These electrical products are better in quality and optimal in achieving. Moreover, to this, these accessories are shockproof and fixed of damage free parts which are recommended by manufacturers experts. Besides this, these electrical products are offered in the market with various features.

Additional Information about Buchholz Relay

These products are widely acknowledged with our esteemed customers due to their features like a useful skill, rigid structure, corrosion resistance, low maintenance and extended service life.

For more than 37 years we have been a leading Manufacturers and Suppliers in India of Buchholz Relay accessories for oil-immersed transformers. With our great year experience and for consistent improvement of our products we are a good partner for transformer manufacturer and service suppliers India

What’s the method for success that gave us become a strong and long-term business partner for multiple leading transformer manufacturing companies of today from the time when we established a business in 1979?

    Exclusive Features of Our Buchholz Relay

    • Body is made of single piece die-cast aluminium alloy rather of casted CI body, in which microcracks may provide leakage at any time
    • No want to treat for porosity since no microcracks are developed
    • Useful in seismic vibration field.
    • Lightweight and short.
    • Large inventory windows.
    • Separate cock for gas sampling.

    It’s our partner’s confidence in our expertise and in the continuous performance of our chain.
    You can get all the information about our business as well products on our website (shree-ji.com). For any further questions, don´t wait to contact us!